Performance Standards and Written Schemes of Verification

A written scheme of verification provides the basis for obtaining assurance that the safety and environmental critical elements (SECEs) for an asset are suitable and will remain suitable for the life of the facility.

Our approach to developing a written scheme of verification includes the following stages:

Identify SECEs

Accurate identification of SECEs is the foundation of an effective verification scheme.  If the SECEs are not adequately identified, the verification scheme will necessarily be incomplete.  SECEs include any structure, plant, equipment, system (including computer software) or component part whose failure could cause or contribute substantially to a major accident, or whose purpose is intended to prevent or limit the effect of a major accident.

Define required performance standards for SECEs

Performance standards are statements (qualitative or quantitative) of the performance required of a system, item of equipment, person or procedure.  Performance standards are used to define minimum requirements as a basis for testing, to ensure that SECEs remain in good repair and condition.

Prepare written scheme of verification

A verification scheme includes instructions on the tasks or activities that the independent competent person or body is required to undertake in order to ensure that the SECEs meet the relevant performance standards.

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