Quantitative Risk Assessment

We believe that QRA is essential as a basis for ongoing decision making and we develop our assessments to be easily applied.

Using QRA techniques we identify potential hazards to an asset including plant, process and personnel; we quantitatively assess the likelihood of occurrence and the consequences. QRA is not an isolated activity but is an integral part of an overall risk management strategy.

Uses of QRA include:

  • estimating risk levels and assessing their tolerability
  • identifying main contributors to risk
  • demonstrating acceptability of risks to regulators and the workforce
  • evaluating risk reduction measures to determine effectiveness in reducing risks
  • identifying safety and environmental critical equipment and procedures
  • providing a basis for ongoing decision making on safety and operational issues
  • comparing different design options

We produce thorough, efficient and cost-effective QRAs in a format that provides the following benefits:

  • easy use of QRA data in ongoing decision-making
  • developing QRAs as a through-life record of an asset
  • managing, recording and auditing risk data.

We have performed QRAs for numerous offshore and onshore facilities of varying sizes and at all stages of development from concept, design and operation to decommissioning.

We have also used QRA techniques to aid clients in ongoing decision making for modifications.  For example: whether to apply or maintain passive fire protection or assessing the risk impact of providing additional accommodation modules on an offshore installation.

To support the implementation of this approach, we use Data and Decision Management Tool to assist in producing and managing risk data and to facilitate risk-based decision-making.

“As usual, first class service from RMRI!” Associate director, Arup

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