Safety Related Decision Support

Throughout the life of any asset there will be many safety related decisions to be made. QRA techniques provide a valuable input into decision making at any stage from design to decommissioning.

With extensive experience of using QRA techniques to prepare Safety Cases and associated supporting studies, there is increasing demand for our risk assessment services to assist with decision making relating to design issues, on-going upgrades and asset modifications.

“Once again a superlative piece of work that’s helped us to better understand an issue that was lining up to cause all manner of chaos and mayhem.” Subsea Manager, Petrofac

Many of these requests are ad-hoc and require innovative solutions. Examples of recent projects completed include:

  • assessing the increase in risk to personnel and reviewed active fire protection provisions for the reintroduction of 3 wells on a production platform. It was demonstrated that the increase in risks to personnel were not significant and the benefit provided by the additional active fire protection being considered was limited, saving the client £1m;
  • risk assessment of deferring inspection of a hot water boiler (in the knowledge that the second boiler could not be returned to service due to a crack in the furnace tube) and therefore continuing operation to maintain accommodation heating until a replacement boiler could be installed;
  • analysis to support a change request for increasing the capacity of a diesel storage tank on a production platform, in order to determine whether increasing the operational capacity would be acceptable from a risk perspective. Our study demonstrated that the increase would not result in any incremental risk to personnel; and
  • performing a quantitative assessment to demonstrate that the probability of successfully shutting-in and evacuating a new-build platform in the event of an abnormal iceberg event met design code requirements. This work was completed in support of the client’s concept safety analysis.

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