Thorough Reviews

We work closely with our clients to ensure that they obtain maximum value from their Thorough Review. We provide independent facilitation of the process including workforce involvement and perform detailed reviews of specific elements of the Safety Case as required.

Our experienced consultants are up to date on the most recent guidance published both by industry bodies and by the HSE. We can advise you on the range of risk and safety issues that might arise during the Thorough Review, as well as those that are currently ‘hot topics’ within the industry. Our Thorough Review approach has been applied successfully to benefit numerous operators and has been well received by the HSE.

The objectives for the Thorough Reviews of an offshore installation Safety Case are:

  • confirm that the current Safety Case is still adequate and likely to remain so until the next Thorough Review
  • compare the case against current standards, HSE guidance and industry practice for new installations
  • evaluate any deficiencies, identify any reasonably practicable improvements to enhance safety and arrange for them to be applied
  • identify ageing processes, design parameters and changes in operating conditions that may limit the life of the installation, safety critical plant and equipment
  • check that the management of safety is adequate.

“Huge thanks for all your efforts to get this through the approval process. This was a particularly difficult piece of work as a result of poor quality work from our previous contractor and inadequate supporting documentation.” HSEQ Manager, Centrica

If you need assistance with a Thorough Review or other Safety Case related services, please contact us.