Data and Decision Management Tool

Data and decision management tool (DDMT) provides a user-friendly, graphical application which enables you to develop, interrogate and maintain event tree based Quantified Risk Assessments (QRAs).

DDMT provides greater understanding of the risks associated with a project, asset or activity which enables users to assess ways of reducing those risks and audit changes through life.

The benefits of using DDMT include:

  • convenient access and interrogation of underlying QRA data;
  • clear understanding of the risks associated with an asset or activity;
  • easy assessment of potential risk reduction options;
  • facilitates improved communication between teams and with third parties such as regulators, partners and investors;
  • cost savings due to improved decision-making;
  • reduced cost of reviewing or updating QRAs and Safety Cases;
  • through-life record providing a fully transparent audit trail; and
  • basis for in-house analysis and reporting.

In addition to providing input data, DDMT offers fundamental decision-making facilities to evaluate the effectiveness and value of proposed modifications resulting in improved risk-based decision making.
DDMT has been used as the basis for hundreds of Safety Cases, Safety Case updates and Thorough Reviews, as well as safety critical and asset management decision-making.

For further information on DDMT and how it can improve your decision making, please contact us.

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