e-Asset Case

e-Asset Case is a graphical tool which can be used to demonstrate the design and functionality of new technologies, their safe operations and commercial justification.

Using an intuitive web based interface, e-Asset Case deconstructs the technology into its component parts and illustrates key engineering concepts.

The e-Asset Case brings together technical, commercial and regulatory information to provide the user with:

  • an induction tool for familiarising contractors and employees with critical aspects of the project; and
  • a marketing tool for demonstrating the technology concept to potential investors, clients and regulators.

The e-Asset Case can be adapted for use in any industry and for any new technology. It can also be developed to include:

  • a repository of technical information;
  • project management including status, critical actions, expected completion and costs; and
  • a tool for identifying project uncertainties, actions required to mitigate them and the impact on overall project risk.

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