Integrity Case

Integrity Case enables users to determine the impact of deficiencies in asset integrity on the potential loss of life and demonstrate that integrity is being managed to ensure safe operations.

Whilst e-Safety Case demonstrates that procedures are in place, Integrity Case demonstrates that they are being appropriately implemented.

Integrity Case is applicable to the operation of any large-scale asset and allows the user to:

  • improve communication and understanding of the current status of an asset;
  • identify the impact of any deviations from specified performance standards;
  • facilitate more efficient identification of appropriate risk reduction measures;
  • identify trends (e.g. in failures, failure modes);
  • Improve reporting to regulators; and
  • provide an audit trail of the asset history.

Integrity Case ensures that the integrity of an asset is maintained so that potential loss of life is kept to as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP).  This means an asset may continue safe operations under circumstances that may have otherwise instigated a precautionary shutdown resulting in considerable cost savings for the operator or owner.

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