Training development cycle

We apply a consistent development process for all training which is designed to create a focused, bespoke course with a minimum of fuss for our clients.

Within RMRI training we have 13 years’ experience of designing training so we know how to help identify your training needs and how to develop effective, practical learning solutions to meet your requirements.

Our training development process includes the following phases:


Training Facilities

In our Aberdeen office we have professional facilities which are ideal for delivering classroom training and break-out sessions.

These facilities are used for all our open training courses in Aberdeen as well as for client delivery should they wish to be away from the distractions their office presents.

Other training companies are also welcome to rent these facilities from us for their own delivery.

For further information on our any of our training services, please contact Simon Bygrave via email at [email protected] or by phone on +44 (0)161 817 7182.