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Mastering risk, harnessing opportunity for energy sector operations, transition and innovation

RMRI has wide experience across the energy industry working on and providing services in risk and safety management to NOCs and ‘majors’ on many large scale projects.

It has undertaken many QRAs, Safety Cases and project ‘Thorough Reviews’, provided input to many complex operational decisions and developed innovative methods and solutions on behalf of clients.

Development work undertaken by RMRI focuses on improving the basis on which complex decisions are assessed and where review of supporting data, decision logic and criteria for choosing between alternatives can be more effectively communicated among stakeholders.

RMRI deploys proprietary software for the data management requirements of complex decisions plus innovative probabilistic solutions to meet regulatory requirements which integrates systematic methodologies used in the field of risk assessment to evaluate the potential risks associated with complex systems and processes.

These are characteristics of the energy sector and of energy transition.

We supplement our team with experienced and multi-disciplinary support plus wide collaboration with prestigious groups of companies. What we provide is a mix of concept origination, solutions allied with deep understanding and experience.

RMRI has undertaken many and varied projects, always focused on a clear understanding of a client’s needs and delivering high-quality work.

This philosophy has enabled us to retain and expand our client portfolio. We undertake research to maintain a continual awareness of the critical issues affecting the domains in which we work, and the quality expected and this has enabled RMRI to develop many concepts and ventures which have required innovative plans and models; we have extensive in-house databases and proprietary software. RMRI offers:

  • Risk-Based Decision Making services for complex problems in energy transition.
  • QRAs, Safety Engineering and regulatory submissions.
  • Experience with decision trees, event trees, fault trees and related methodologies.
  • Familiarity with 3rd party proprietary consequence modelling software.
  • Wide support through collaboration agreements and experienced advisers.
  • Broad experience with many and varied clients in many locations.
  • Concept origination, high-quality work and innovative solutions.
Offshore Drilling Rig on Body of Water

RMRI has been providing a broad range of services in risk management and technical support to the energy sector for over three decades, working closely and in partnership with our clients on projects around the globe. From concept through to implementation, we also manage project planning, design and engineering, negotiations, execution, and operation.

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