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Energy Transition

In ‘Energy Transition’, the potential technical, operational, economic, financial, and social challenges associated with the shift to a low-carbon economy will need to be managed effectively for permanent progress to be achieved.

These challenges are the ‘transition risks’ which must be overcome by businesses and industries as they navigate the changing landscape of energy and environmental policies.

Such risks result from potential challenges and uncertainties that arise when an organisation undergoes significant changes, such as shifts in technology, regulations, market conditions, or business models and can impact an organisation’s operations, financial performance, and reputation. Identifying, evaluating, and managing transition risks is crucial for ensuring the resilience and success of an organisation. Managing transition risks will include:

  • Development of policies and regulations that can support the transition.
  • Allocation of resources to projects and technologies that align with transition goals.
  • Identification of required innovation related to transition technologies.
  • Engagement of stakeholders, government and businesses in transition process.
  • Management of major risks in energy transition such as infrastructure challenges.